"Our management team recently did a climbing excursion at Manchester Wall, along with some follow up leadership work.  Not only was it a great team memory, but it has been some incredibly meaningful leadership development work that we are still wrestling with."
- Director, Richmond City Government
“I went into this experience skeptical that it could be a leadership opportunity and a fun team building event. I was very wrong, the leadership and team work aspect of this outing was so well thought through and engaging” 
- Senior Account Manager, National Consulting Firm
"Narrative throughout the day was great. Rick set us up for success at every step of the way. We knew what was coming next and set our expectations appropriately - which is a big deal when taking on these kinds of challenges."
- Creative Director, Capital One
"Well thought out, great execution and overall a great time" 
- Managing Director, National IT Consulting Firm
"CapRock Ventures challenged our team to scale the wall, and in turn challenged us to work together as a cohesive unit. A great experience utilizing physical feats for growth as individuals working towards a common goal." 
- Founder, National Consumer Goods Company